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Bio Fuel ( Bio CNG )

Bio Fuel ( Bio CNG )

The presence of water vapour, H2S, and CO2 in biogas makes it very corrosive and unsuitable to be used as fuel. If this biogas is used as fuel in automobiles it can cause erosion of the metal parts, which in turn increases the maintenance cost of the vehicles. In order to tackle this problem the solution that is available is to upgrade biogas or follow up with the process of purification of bio gas. Biogas purification and upgrading had been researched extensively in recent years. Hosseini and Wahid reviewed biogas purification processes with the focus on contaminants removal, while Ryckebosch reported on various techniques for biogas transformation regarding their conditions, functioning, bottlenecks and efficiency. After the purification process, Bio-methane is achieved as a final product. This bio methane can also be compressed and bottled into cylinders and it is called Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (Bio-CNG) or simply Compressed Bio-Gas (CBG). Bio-CNG contains about 92-98 % of methane and only 2-8 % carbon dioxide. The calorific value of Bio-CNG is about 52,000 kilojoules (kJ) per kg, which is 167 % higher than that of biogas.1 The high methane content and calorific value combined with the low quantity of moisture, hydrogen sulphide and impurities makes Bio-CNG an ideal fuel for automobiles and power generation. The low emission levels of Bio-CNG also make it a more environment-friendly fuel than biogas.



ED95 is 95% bio-ethanol, which is used mainly in freight vehicles. This requires a modification of the engine. Currently, OG does not yet sell ED95. However, this will always be sourced or produced as locally as possible. By running on ED95 instead of diesel, carbon dioxide emissions from buses and trucks are reduced by up to 90%. Especially in the United States, Brazil, and Sweden, ED95 is popular. Currently, there are no ED95 filling stations in the Netherlands. Scania is currently the only supplier of trucks that are suitable for ED95. Filling up with ED95 is uncomplicated and similar to filling up with regular fuels. It is also safe to drive on ED95 since recent studies from Sweden show that ED95 is no more flammable than petrol. OG currently does not sell ED95 yet. When the filling stations are being opened by OG, ED95 will always be purchased as sustainably as possible and sold as cheaply as possible. According to Scania, the consumption is almost equal to a diesel truck. The action radius depends on the tank capacity. The truck suitable for ED95 is about €10,000 more expensive than the diesel variant. This is a small extra investment to drive on cleaner fuel. However, you can save on fuel costs. The price at the pump is, again lower. In Sweden, the regular price at the pump is €1,097 per liter. However, nowadays clients are increasingly asking for cleaner transport and you can generate a new business.



India, with its booming economy and humongous population of over 1 billion, has always faced shortage of energy. Even though the country is among the largest producers of electricity in the world, it is hardly ever able to meet the electricity requirements of its ever-so-rapidly increasing population. At present, almost 53% of India’s energy requirements are met with coal; going by the predictions, the coal reserves of the country will not last beyond 2050. [coal power plant]. It is common knowledge that over 72% of the population of this third world country still resides in villages, with only about half of its rural population getting access to electricity. It is high time India moved to renewable ways to feed its population its fair-share of electricity. Solar energy has emerged as the most viable and environment-friendly option for India to cater to the energy requirements of one and all—including the 50% of its rural inhabitants who still live without electricity. A typical solar system is very easy to set up and just entails installing solar panels correctly in order for it to work. Quite a few people were already aware of its benefits and were really quick at setting their properties up with solar systems; in fact, the utilization of solar energy in India is nothing new and has existed in select locations for quite some time now. However, it has yet to pick up steady momentum.



In fact, hydrogen is not a fuel but an energy carrier. The cars fill up with hydrogen, which is converted into electrical energy in the vehicle by a so-called fuel cell. The only waste product is water. OG operates filling stations with green hydrogen for passenger cars (700 Bar) and large vehicles (350 Bar). Hydrogen is the lightest, most common, and simplest element in the universe. The symbol of hydrogen is H, derived from the Latin word Hydrogenium. Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic substance. Hydrogen is the most versatile energy carrier. Tank-to-wheel, a hydrogen car emits nothing. Well-to-wheel, this depends on where the hydrogen comes from. Grey hydrogen is often made from natural gas. Green hydrogen is made from wind and solar energy. OG hydrogen produced with renewable energy is completely CO2-free. In addition, hydrogen is easy to store and transport. This makes optimal use of renewable energy sources. Also, hydrogen is literally everywhere, which makes it an exciting source of energy.



Liquid CO2 is the ideal diesel replacement for refrigerated transport. Liquid CO2 is noiseless and has a positive influence on air quality. In the future, OG will extract CO2 from its own biogas installations. You will find our CO2 filling station in Amsterdam. Liquid CO2 costs about €0.16 per kilo. Using liquid CO2 reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. By filling up with liquid CO2, you will have reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. You have a 90% carbon reduction and also drive exceptionally quietly. By driving on liquid CO2 the noise of trucks is softer and you can load and unload outside of the window times. Liquid CO2 from OG also has fewer problems with temperature fluctuations. This means that you have fewer rejected loads. Liquid CO2 is suitable for all trucks that need to cool or freeze. This requires the installation of a Cryotech system. The liquid CO2 comes from the company Thermoking. The company extracts the product from residual streams in the Netherlands. OG is working on the realization of extracting CO2 from its biogas plants. You can fill up with liquid CO2 from OG in Amsterdam. There are currently seven liquid CO2 locations in the Netherlands. In Heerenveen, Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Zwolle, Waalwijk, Apeldoorn and Hengelo. You can find an overview of the locations here.



LBG (Liquidfied Biogas) is the sustainable variant of LNG (liquefied natural gas). LBG is mainly used for heavy transport, shipping and off-grid applications. Bio-LNG is the sustainable alternative to LNG (liquefied natural gas). Bio-LNG is mainly used for trucks and coaches that need to travel longer distances and for shipping. An LNG vehicle reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to diesel. At present, OG does not sell any Bio-LNG itself. However, this will always be sourced or produced as locally as possible. Bio-LNG is a clean fuel that can reduce CO2 by up to 80% compared to diesel. Driving on Bio-LNG gives you a good range. There are LNG trucks that can cover 1500 kilometers on 1 tank. The refueling time is no longer than that for fossil fuels. An LBG/LNG vehicle meets high safety requirements. In the tank, Bio-LNG is free of oxygen, so that explosion and ignition are not possible. A liter of LNG is cheaper than a liter of diesel. It can also save trucks a lot of money in Germany, where LNG trucks do not have to pay maut (German road tax)! These trucks are also 50% quieter, which means you can load and unload outside window times. More and more clients are asking for clean transport, and by driving on LBG you can lay claim to these new contracts. The purchase of an LBG truck is more expensive. Depending on the number of kilometers driven and the above-mentioned advantages, the extra investment can be earned back. You can even save money by driving on Bio-LNG.

KEC is one of the India's leading consultancy company in Project Assessment , project development , Project Execution , Project Management , Commercialisation & also in market establishment for final products.

Managing projects of more than Million dollars business across India. Company provides End to End solution on Various business model such as turnkey , BOOT , RESCO in leading industry as :

‘Renewable Energy , BioFuels ( BioCNG , H2O , Ethanol 1G & 2G , LNG & H2O, BioDiesel , Electric Charging Station , EV Vehicle , Solar Energy , Organic Fertiliser ) Food Processing ( Milk , Dairy Farming ) Hydroponics Water Treatment Plants for Drinking and Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants etc’

With highly qualified team and strong shareholder base KEC is an independent consultancy company with an international team collaboration of specialists with many years of experience in financial services, technology and marketing. The team's hallmarks are its professionalism, stability, and the outstanding motivation of its members.

KEC business Solutions are geared to potential investors, banks and government. Designed to meet the varying needs of its clients, the company's broad range of products and services cover the whole spectrum of investors. A part from consultancy KEC also offers training services, and provides detailed and transparent reporting.

Recently, KEC has entered into the marketing Distribution of Farming Products for Farmers range start from Agri Input to Agri Commodity with Energy Products with a Unique business Model of “Kisan Samadhan Kendra” having more then 50+ Spoke channel of Kisan samadhan kendra .

Some of the Detailed services are her with for industry like

1. PMC SERVICES ( Project Management Consultancy )

We offer expert consultancy services starting from collecting the facts and assessing the present Status of Availability of Raw material to the disposal for finished goods including the carbon foot print and then conceptualising, planning and implementation of the projects to achieve objective of the project considering as Green project with zero carbon foot print in short term/long term. We have provided consultancy to various industries in several countries. We assess carbon footprints, identify ways to reduce emissions, and set emissions reduction goals.

We assure the clients for reduced costs of the energy, comply with the legislation and enhance the brand value.


We have skilled and expert team for preparation of feasibility reports for above industry mentioned above upgrading of existing plants. Our consultancy services includes feasibility study for the project consisting of

  • Assisting on Buybacks agreements with Govt. & Private Institution
  • Supporting & Assisting in obtaining Statutory approvals
  • Assistance in choosing the right location for the project
  • Choosing the right technology
  • Complete financial anslysis of IRR & Equity IRR
  • Planning, Designing and Costing
  • Operation & Maintenance guidelines
  • Assistance in Govt. Grants , Subsidies or any other benefits
  • Assistance in Sales & Marketing


Re-engineering / retrofitting & revamping of existing sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant & anaerobic system are done to meet the client requirements / local discharge norms. Revamping / Retrofit is required due to increased flow capacity of the plant, organic load, process change, new environmental legislation, to reduce OPEX cost by having advanced technology, process improvements, corporate sustainability, additional nutrients removal from the system and failure of existing system. The revamping/modifications work is done using the existing civil and mechanical units already present on the site


We are committed to providing our customers with top-quality service on a day-to-day basis. We provide our customers the services benefits and operational managements. We closely monitor the plant performance data on day to day basis and also undertake comprehensive and non-comprehensive, Operational Contract to operate & maintain the plant on a long term basis. We guarantee excellence through our technological experience and concerted efforts. This helps our customers to adhere to the local legislation prescribed by each country for the discharge norms of the efficient from the international and domestic usage. The services are continuous in nature with our extensive known and recognized competence.

The O&M team comprises of well experienced Managers, Engineers & Technicians who carry out services and are available for 24x7 basis, 365 days. We do the preventive maintenance every 3 months based on customer requirements and provide overhauling guidance. The anaerobic reactor is tested for optimum pH and all the pumps, equipment’s and process are checked thoroughly for smooth running of the entire process.

Whenever there is a breakdown then our local staff in each country provides support for spare parts, efficiency trials and solves performance related issues along with the uphand running of the plants within a short period of time. In case of Biogas power plants skilled service engineer are available round the clock so that the power generation is continuous thus maximizing the profits for the customers through the sale of power through grid.


1. Manpower for total management of treatment process on 24hrs/ 365 days ina year on site and with on call services as well.

2. Monitoring / Reviewing daily , weekly & Monthly reports.

3. Analytical analysis of process parameters based on requirements.

4. Preventive maintenance of all electro-mechanical equipment’s on day-to-day basis with all spares & consumables.

5. Providing only Technical Services for monitoring / reviewing and visits for few days onsite on monthly basis to ensure smooth operation of the plants.

Patent-pending biogas conditioning system that economically converts methane produced from the decomposition of organic waste materials—or “biogas”—into a renewable natural gas (RNG) suitable for use in compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

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